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Chervil is a sweet herb with a mild flavor reminiscent of anise and parsley.  It is often used similarly to parsley in dishes where the stronger flavor of true parsley would be unwelcome.

This bulk chervil is fine-dining restaurant quality, so it is fresher and higher quality than the fresh herbs found in most grocery stores.


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Fresh chervil is very delicate and best used soon after arrival. Wrap it in a plastic bag and store it in your refrigerator crisper drawer.

For long term storage of chervil, we recommend freezing the sprigs individually using the method described in How to Freeze Better at Home. Freezing will make the chervil go limp, so it won’t be useful as a garnish, but it will retain its flavor.

Shelf Life:

A few days fresh, months frozen.

Chervil is most commonly found in French cuisine, where it’s used in salads, soups, fish dishes and omelets as an ingredient or a garnish. Its flavor is heat sensitive, so it’s commonly used to finish dishes or near the end of the cooking process.

Chervil pairs well with more subtle flavored proteins and ingredients including: carrots, cream, eggs, fish, butter, potatoes, chicken, veal and venison.

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