Birdseye Chiles

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Birdseye chilies are small variety popular in Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai and Filipino cuisines. They are quite hot, with an average heat level similar to habaneros.


Storage: Store birdseye chilies in an air-tight container in a cool, dark, dry place.

Shelf Life:
At least a year, likely longer.


Lightly toast birdseye chilies in a dry pan to awaken their full flavor, then crush them to easily remove their seeds and stems. They can also be ground into chile powder or rehydrated in boiling water (see links below).

Use birdseye chilies as you would other dried chilies to bring bold heat to recipes. They can be ground with other chilies, dried herbs and/or spices to make spice blends and dry rubs. You can rehydrate them and combine them with fresh herbs, oils or other ingredients for use in marinades or wet rubs.

Try adding them to soups, braised dishes or stews and letting them rehydrate (and infuse the dish with spice) during the simmer. When the dish has finished cooking either puree them or remove them as you would a bay leaf.

How to Rehydrate Dried Chilies

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