Smoked Bison Salami

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This hickory smoked salami is made with a blend of bison and pork. Bison is too lean for sausage/salami making on its own, so pork is added to ensure it stays moist and has the right texture. It’s fully cooked and ready to enjoy right out of the packaging on sandwiches, charcuterie plates & more.

Bison's flavor is often described as a richer version of beef with just a hint of sweetness. It is not gamey at all, and has a deeper red color and coarser grain than beef.

Ingredients: Buffalo, pork, non-fat milk, water, brown sugar, salt, spices, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite. In collagen casing.


Store bison salami in your refrigerator.


Slice bison salami as you would any other salami & serve it in sandwiches, on charcuterie plates or party platters. It can be brought along to picnics, or enjoyed however else you’d eat conventional salami.

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