Bintje Heirloom Potatoes

10 - 50 lbs
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Bintje heirloom potatoes have yellow skin, yellow flesh, and a starchy texture.

Shipping Limitations: Because our heirloom potatoes are hand selected, cleaned, packed, and shipped by the family of farmers who grow them, potato shipments are only sent out once per week. Shipments usually go out on Tuesdays, but can vary based on the farmers’ available time due to harvesting demands, etc.



Store heirloom potatoes in a paper bag or box in a cool, dark & dry place.

Shelf Life:

Heirloom potatoes' shelf life varies with the season and the ambient humidity in your area. Here are some rough guidelines:

Summer through Winter:
generally 2-3 months.

Spring: up to four weeks.


Bintje potatoes are great fried, particularly as french fries.

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