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Australian finger limes (aka caviar limes, citrus australasica) are an unusual and rarely cultivated citrus fruit featuring a tart, slightly-herbal lemon-lime flavor.

As tasty as finger lime is, what really makes this small fruit stand out is its unusual appearance. The interior of each long finger-shaped lime is packed full of loose juice-filled orbs (vesicles) that spill out when the thin skin is cut. They’re frequently described as “citrus caviar” and indeed, their jewel-like shine and popping sensation when consumed evoke fine caviar.

Though these strange fruits look like something that must have been bio-engineered, they evolved naturally in the wild Australian rain forest.

Their outer skin can be anywhere from dark green to purplish or brownish red. Most of these finger limes are a very pale green on the inside, though some are a very light pink and there is a very rare chance of a darker red tint. You can’t really tell from the outside what color they will be on the inside.


1 lb.


Mid-August - November


  • Fresh
  • Skin and interior color range from dark green to reddish
  • Ozone Treated



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Finger lime orders usually require an extra business day's notice before shipping.


We recommend storing finger limes in the refrigerator in their clamshell. You may see their outer rind discolor after a week or so, but the vesicles (orbs) will remain safe to eat.

For long term storage, finger limes can be frozen. Their outer skins will become more pitted and they may weep a small quantity of juice while thawing. The vesicles inside should thaw to a texture fairly similar to fresh (they will be slightly softer) with their flavor intact.

Shelf Life:

Varies with storage, but the interior flesh will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator.

Finger limes are rather tart (similar to conventional limes) to consume on their own, but the vesicles can be used as a stunning garnish for all sorts of salads, desserts, sushi, sashimi, fish, shellfish, cocktails and other dishes. 

For an exciting party trick, pour sparkling wine into a champagne flute and add some finger lime.  The tiny orbs will periodically ride the rising bubbles up the flute (video of finger limes riding sparkling wine bubbles).

Their zest is incredibly fragrant and can also be used as an ingredient.

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