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Fresh Shelled Escargots

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Tender & delicious, these snails offer a cleaner flavor and far superior texture to canned snails. They are sold with the shells on, ready to briefly saute or stir fry over high heat, or top with garlic-herb butter and bake. Pre-shelled fresh escargot is also available.

These snails are the petit gris variety (aka little gray snail, Cornu aspersum/Helix aspersa) which is smaller & more tender than the gros gris/big gray snails commonly sold in cans. Between the species and the absence of the canning process, these snails are significantly tenderer than most escargot on the market.

These snails are raised in greenhouses and fed a diet of wild-foraged greens (clover, burdock, sorrel, and dandelion), then finished on a diet of acorns and spent beer grains, resulting in a flavor that is herbaceous, nutty, and meaty.

Each pound of shelled escargot will provide approximately 12-16 servings.

Snails are a healthy, sustainable, high protein (1 gram per snail!), low fat food. They’re also high in iron & potassium.


1 lb (Approx. 100 Snails)


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Store fresh escargot in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

Up to 7 days.

Raw escargots need to cook far less than canned snails, and will provide more tender & tastier results. Simply lightly saute in butter (with garlic, white wine & parsley if desired) for a few minutes before serving. They can also be lightly cooked in a variety of other appetizer & entrée applications, from pasta and pizza to crostini.

If you want to add additional flavor, try marinating your snails for an hour or two before cooking.

Each pound of shelled escargot will provide approximately 12-16 servings.

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