American Select Bowfin Caviar

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American Select bowfin caviar (aka choupique caviar) is small, brown to black in color, and has sturgeon caviar-like, but rather mild, tangy flavor. It is sometimes used as a beluga caviar substitute.



Refrigerate bowfin caviar. Do not freeze it.

Shelf Life:

4-5 weeks unopened, 24 hours opened.


Bowfin caviar has a very mild flavor, and should be paired with crème fraiche, sour cream or lemon juice to help accentuate its flavor. With one or more of those ingredients, it can be used on blinis, soft toast points, as a soup garnish, or to top a salad.

If serving bowfin caviar as part of a canapé or as a garnish, expect to get about twenty 1/4tsp servings from a single ounce. However, if you’re serving a caviar course to people who love it, expect to need a half to a whole ounce per person.

It is widely believed that serving caviar with reactive (non gold or gold plated) metal utensils can cause it to oxidize and take on unpleasant metallic flavors, though there is some debate about this.

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