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Special Requests

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If you are looking for something specific that you cannot find on our site, contact us and we can try to source it for you. We have access to thousands of specialty food items, including products offered by our sister company: North American Import & Export.

7lbs Organic Rosemary box (approx 7 lbs) $179.00
Duch & Bacon Sausage - Special Order Fedex Overnight $158.00
Round Picnic Palm Plate Set - 75 Pieces UPS Ground $106.00
20 lbs Maris Piper and 20 lbs Kerr's Pink Potatoes  UPS Ground $180.00
Dried Wild Matsutakes - 10 lbs UPS Ground $432.00
Maji Leaves and Salty Fingers FedEx Overnight $112.00
Wagyu Whole Ribeye Fedex Overnight $504.00
New Zealand Red Deer Bones FedEx Overnight $136.00
Pink Salmon Jerky - 12 Packs UPS Ground $287.00
Toro Tuna Belly Loin Fedex Overnight $743.00
Basmati Rice UPS Ground $48.00
Quail-Egg-A-Rama Fedex Overnight, shipping included $278.00
Organic Jidori Chicken Breast Fedex Overnight $256.00
Pekin Duck Breast (4 cases) Fedex Overnight $884.00
20 lbs. of Venison Bones 20 lbs. of deer bones $167.00
Brown Arborio Rice Ground Shipping $27.00
Custom Sampler - 450 pieces Local Delivery $73.00
Iguana Meat FedEx Overnight Shipping $426.00
Blueberries FedEx Overnight Shipping $9.00