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Oil & Vinegar Sampler

2 bottles (8.5 fl oz each)


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One each: 8.5oz bottle of white truffle oil, 8.5oz bottle of aged balsamic vinegar.



Give this elegant gift of white truffle oil and aged balsamic vinegar: 
White Truffle Oil is fine olive oil infused with the earthy, garlic-y, intensely delicious flavor of white truffles.  Selezione truffle oils are all natural (containing no chemical ingredients).
Oro Nero Balsamic Vinegar offers a lighter flavor with a little more acidic bite than most balsamic of this quality. This makes it an approachable choice for beginners looking to educate their palates on the wonders of aged balsamics.

It is traditionally made using a process that involves cooking the 100% Modena grape must under the open sky, aging with “mothers” from previous batches (preserved heritage balsamic vinegar cultures) in a series of 7 casks over an average of 6-8 years. It has an acidity level of 6%.

Truffle Oil:
Olive Oil, Flavors.
Balsamic Vinegar: Wine vinegar, cooked must.

Store truffle oil and balsamic vinegar in a cool, dark, dry place.

Both truffle oil and fine balsamic vinegar are best used as finishing ingredients – just drizzle them over finished dishes right before serving.

Truffle oil pairs well with a huge variety of dishes – particularly those prominently featuring eggs, cheese, pasta or potatoes.  Try adding it to roast meats, vegetables or poultry, and drizzling a little over salads, pizza, risotto or pasta.

Balsamic vinegar is a great addition to salads, eggs and roast meats, poultry, or vegetables.  It can even be used on desserts – try adding a little to a bowl of vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries!

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