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Morita Chipotle Powder

20 oz - 10 lbs

Starting At $35

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Size: Choose 20oz or 10lbs.
Features: Kosher*
Scoville Rating: 7,000-25,000 (chile heat scale)
Origin: Mexico
Ingredients: Ground chipotle chilies

This pure chipotle chili powder is ground from chipotle morita chilies: jalapenos that have been dried and smoked. Chipotles' medium heat and potent smokiness are found in many classic southwestern dishes.

We also offer whole chipotle chilies and organic chipotle chilies.

Note: This product has been irradiated to protect against microbes and disease.

*Kosher: 10 lb size is marked kosher. Smaller packages are not currently marked kosher (but are certified).

Storage: Store chipotle chile powder in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life: Though they will not stay strong for as long as whole dried chilies, chili powders should retain their potency for up to a year.

Ground Chipotle powder is easily used in homemade spice blends, seasonings and rubs for meat or seafood, or mixed into dishes like enchiladas and chili con carne. Use it to add spice and smokiness to your food.

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