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Smoked Wild Boar Slab Bacon

approx. 20 lbs total (in 1 - 2 lb slabs)
Incl S&H
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Wild boar is leaner and more flavorful than conventional pork, allowing for leaner bacon that still possesses a strong flavor. Slab wild boar bacon allows you to cut your own strips of boar bacon as thick or as thin as you want.

Because wild boar bacon is so much leaner, it has a different, meatier texture than conventional bacon.

Food & Wine Magazine has called our wild boar “the ultimate sustainable meat” – read the full article.  Unlike most Wild Boar on the market today, ours isn’t farm-raised—it’s truly wild, trapped in the Texas Hill Country.


Keep wild boar bacon frozen until you're ready to use it, then thaw as much as you need.

For thawing tips, read Safely Defrosting Food for Maximum Flavor.


Slice strips of bacon from the slab and cook as you would conventional bacon, being careful not to burn them due to the wild boar’s lower fat content. The slabs can also be cubed like pancetta and rendered or sautéed before adding to soups, pastas and salads.

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