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Wild Boar Bellies

approx. 10 lbs total


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Approximately 10lb.


Humanely Caught
Hormone Free
Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotic Free
USDA Inspected



Wild boar bellies are a fatty cut from the belly of the boar. Bellies (both pork bellies and wild boar bellies) are returning to popularity because of their tremendous succulence when braised, slow roasted or cured and smoked into bacon.

Food & Wine Magazine has called our wild boar “the ultimate sustainable meat” – read the full article.  Unlike most Wild Boar on the market today, ours isn’t farm-raised—it’s truly wild, trapped in the Texas Hill Country.

The wildness of true Wild Boar meat gives it a distinct game flavor that farm-raised Wild Boar simply cannot match. Although similar to domestic pork and farm-raised Wild Boar, wild Wild Boar has a deeper color, leaner texture, tighter grain, and bolder taste.

Store wild boar bellies in your freezer until you're ready to cook them.

For thawing tips, read Safely Defrosting Food for Maximum Flavor.

Wild boar bellies are delicious slow-braised in a rich, flavorful braising liquid. They can also be roasted on a bed of your favorite root vegetables.

How to Braise Meats
Braising Liquid Recipes

For even more delicious and moist results, brine them prior to cooking (brining meat tutorial and brine recipe).

Wild boar meat pairs well with rich, fruity flavors like red wine, prunes, brandy, and apples. Herbs and spices frequently used with wild boar include rosemary, thyme, and the always game meat friendly juniper berries.

You can also cure and smoke these wild boar bellies yourself for some delicious homemade wild boar bacon.

Pork & Wild Boar Belly Recipes

Recommended Cooking Temps:
The USDA recommends that all wild-caught game be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

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