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Italian Farro

2.2 - 26.4 lbs

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2.2lbs (single or case) or 11lbs (single or case)


Raw (not par-cooked)
Conventionally Grown


Po Valley, Italy

Farro (aka Emmer) is an ancient grain that has a long, proud culinary history in Italy.  It has a chewy texture and nutty flavor.  It can be used in grain side dishes and salads, used to make a farro version of risotto, or simmered in soups and stews.

Farro offers great nutritional benefits, even when compared to other healthy alternative grains.  It’s lower in calories than brown rice and quinoa, yet contains more fiber and is a good source of iron.  In addition, it has a roughly similar protein content to quinoa, making it a good option for vegetarian diets.

Storage: Store Italian farro in an air-tight container in a cool, dry cupboard.

Shelf Life: 2 years unopened. Each bag will last for 2 months once opened.

Italian farro can be simmered similarly to pasta in water or stock until tender (20-25 minutes), then drained.  Serve it hot as a grain side dish or immediately chill it for use in delightful grain salads.  It can also be cooked using the basic risotto method for a rustic, nutty farro risotto, or simmered in soups.

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