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Walnut Champagne Vinegar

1 - 12 bottles

Starting At $25

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6.75 fl oz Bottles


All Natural*
6% Acid




Champagne Vinegar, Natural Walnut Flavor. Contains Sulfites.

Tart and tangy with the nutty, creamy, fruity flavor of walnuts, this artisanal champagne vinegar is an instant favorite and a secret ingredient for truly superb salads. 

To produce this vinegar, premium Napa Valley sparkling wine is turned into vinegar using the slower process referred to as methode traditionelle – aging the wine with a “mother” of bacteria that ferments the wine to produce acetic acid.  While this takes much longer than industrial production, the resulting vinegar has far more complexity and personality.

Producing walnut vinegar was previously impossible - simply putting walnut oil in vinegar would have destroyed its character and consistency.   Only recently has a method for extracting the flavor and aroma of walnuts without their oil (and without the allergen) been discovered.  The natural flavor resulting from this process is added to the champagne vinegar. 

After the flavor is added, the vinegar is returned to wooden casks for additional aging, which allows the walnut flavor to reach harmony with the flavor of the vinegar.

This vinegar was a silver finalist for the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade’s (NASFT) 2011 sofi award.

* No Chemical Ingredients.

Store vinegar in a cool, dark place.

Use walnut champagne vinegar in any recipe calling for champagne vinegar to impart an extra nutty flavor.  It’s well suited to use as a finishing ingredient and in salad dressings.

Try adding it to vinaigrettes for salads, especially ones with toasted or candied walnuts (maple candied walnuts recipe), roasted beets, endive, blue cheese, or fruit (apples, pears, figs, berries, citrus, etc) tossed in them.

How to Make a Vinaigrette

Walnut vinegar makes excellent mignonette sauce for use with fresh oysters.

Basic Mignonette Sauce Recipe

Simmering this vinegar to reduce it is not recommended, as doing so can damage its flavor.

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