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Sugar Sampler

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24oz Maple Sugar, 22oz Coconut Sugar, 28oz Demerara Sugar, 24oz Granulated Honey (6 1/8lbs total).


In separate, labeled, commercial spice jars


Demerara Sugar, Maple Sugar, Granulated Honey (sugar, honey), Coconut Sugar.

Try four exotic sugar varieties, all very distinct from plain sugar with varying flavors and appearances. They can be used as ingredients or sprinkled on desserts & baked goods as a garnish or finishing touch.

This Sampler Contains:
Demerara Sugar - 28oz
Granulated Honey - 24oz
Maple Sugar - 24oz
Coconut Sugar - 22oz

Demerara Sugar is a large crystal, translucent brown sugar from Mauritius. Sweet with a hint of molasses flavor, this raw cane sugar is often stirred into hot beverages or used to add crunch, sweetness and color as a garnish for baked goods.

Granulated Honey is sugar infused with dark amber honey & broken into pin-head sized granules. It is far easier to pour, store and measure than liquid honey while still giving dishes sweetness and honey flavor.

Maple Sugar is pure maple syrup reduced and processed into granules. Maple sugar is quite sweet, with a pronounced maple flavor. It can be used to sweeten beverages and savory dishes similarly to conventional sugar or added to baked goods.

Coconut Sugar is derived from the sap of coconut palm trees. It has a sweet earthy/nutty/musky flavor, a dark color, and is sold as small clumps rather than granules. It’s most commonly found in SE Asian desserts, curries and soup recipes, but can also be used in a wide variety of other applications.

Store the sugar sampler in the included jars or other air-tight containers in a cool, dry place.

Use these specialty sugars to bring unusual flavors and appearances to your favorite dishes. 

Usage Suggestions:
Demerara sugar works particularly well as a topping for baked goods.  The crystals usually won’t melt when baked, giving the finished items a bit of crunch.

Coconut sugar is often used in Southeast Asian cuisine, lending its unique flavor to curries, soups and classic desserts from the region like black rice pudding (made with purple sticky rice, sometimes with mango or taro root mixed in). 

Maple sugar is a delicious addition to beverages, breakfast cereals, sauces and baked goods. 

Granulated honey works well in meat glazes & sauces as well as in desserts.

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Demerara Sugar
28 oz - 10 lbs
Starting At$23
Includes Ground Shipping

Granulated Honey
24 oz - 10 lbs
Starting At$24
Includes Ground Shipping

Maple Sugar
24 oz - 10 lbs
Starting At$43
Includes Ground Shipping

Coconut Sugar
22 oz - 60 lbs
Starting At$30
Includes Ground Shipping

Flower & Herb Crystal Samplers
2 - 4 jars
Starting At$38
Includes Ground Shipping