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Sicilian Wild Fennel Seed

1 jar


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1.6oz Jar




Sicily, Italy

Hand foraged in a nature park within the Hyblaean Mountains of southeastern Sicily (Monti Iblei) this wild fennel seed is only produced in small quantities.  It can be used similarly to conventional fennel seed, but is more potent and aromatic.

Storage: Store wild fennel seeds in an air-tight container (like their jar) in a cool, dry place (typically a cupboard or pantry).

Shelf Life: Two years or longer.

Use wild fennel seeds as you would conventional fennel, taking into account their stronger flavor and aroma.

Intensify fennel seeds’ flavor & aroma by gently toasting them in a dry pan just before using them.

Grind for use in spice blends, dry rubs, seasonings, etc.  Add whole to marinades, pickling liquids, sausages and brines, or infuse into sauces.

Pair fennel with other ingredients like pork, wild boar, seafood, tomatoes, garlic, tarragon and star anise.

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