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Uni Sea Urchin Roe

300 grams

Out of Stock

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Size: One 300 gram tray.
Origin: California
Sea urchin roe (aka uni, sea urchin coral) is a popular seafood delicacy not just in Japan, but in Korea and several parts of Europe as well. Beloved for its sweet, buttery flavor and smooth texture, it is frequently eaten raw, but can also be lightly cooked.
Each sea urchin contains five delicate pieces of roe. The roe of several urchins has been packaged on this tray in the traditional Japanese manner.

Storage: Uni sea urchin roe is very perishable and should be stored on its tray in the refrigerator.

Shelf Life: Uni should be consumed within a few days of arrival. The sooner you eat it, the better its taste and texture will be.

Uni fans often use sea urchin roe to top sushi rice wrapped in nori seaweed for sushi or add it to omelettes & scrambled eggs (uni scrambled eggs recipe). However it can also be creamed (perhaps mixed with cayenne or garlic) and used as a spread, blended into homemade mayonnaise, used in soups or pasta sauces (squid ink pasta with uni sabayon recipe), or paired with wild mushrooms.
It can even be used to flavor baked goods such as soufflés & savory custards (like Japanese chawan mushi).

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