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Magret Duck Breasts

approx. 9 lbs total


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Ten split breasts (Approx. 9lbs total).


Individually Wrapped


Québec, Canada

Magret duck breasts are plump, large duck breasts with rich, distinctive flavor. They come from Moulard ducks (cross bred from Muscovy and Pekin ducks) which are often considered the domesticated breed with the most flavor. Although they have more total fat than a Muscovy duck, the meat under the fat layer is actually on the lean side, so care must be taken not to overcook them.

Duck meat is beloved in Europe and China, and its full flavor can be paired with sweet, savory and spicy ingredients.

Store magret duck breasts in your freezer, then thaw before cooking.

Thawing Tips

Magret duck breasts are usualy cooked (often roasted) after first having much of their fat rendered off.  Rendering the fat not only crisps the skin, it also imparts more flavor and moisture to the meat.

See How to Render Duck Fat for instructions.  You will end up with a lot more duck fat then you need to cook the breasts, and rendered duck fat is highly prized as a cooking fat - use it to saute ingredients as you would butter or oil.

Duck breasts are very versatile, pairing well with a wide variety of other flavors.  Ingredients often used with duck include apples, ginger, Szechuan peppercorns, lemon juice, soy sauce, wild mushrooms, oranges, rich & fruity red wines, green onions, spicy chilies, honey, cilantro, star anise, thyme and berries.  It can be served sweet, savory, tangy, smoked or spicy. 

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