Atlantic Razor Clams

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These razor clams are the Atlantic jackknife clam variety (ensis directus). They average 4”-5” in length and are prized for their unique shape and sweet, tender meat. They are infamous for being extremely hard to catch - they live about a foot below the surface in intertidal areas and are fantastically quick diggers.

These razor clams have been stored in a high tech refrigerated flowing seawater system post-harvest that keeps them fresher, tastier, and alive longer.  While in this wet holding area, they naturally clean themselves of sand, bacteria and grit by filtering the clean seawater.

Shipping Note: Razor clam availability is very limited due to high demand and the effects of tide levels on the harvest.



If you will be eating your clams soon after arrival, you can simply store them in a bowl in your refrigerator covered with a damp towel.

For ideal longer term storage, you may want to keep them on ice. See how to store shellfish for a tutorial.

Shelf Life:

Razor clams should be consumed soon after arrival. They should remain fresh (properly stored) for 2-3 days from the date they were shipped.


Steam razor clams as you would steamer clams and dip them in butter or sauté the meat with butter & garlic.