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Kurobuta Pork Loin Chop

12 - 13 pieces (about 10 lbs total)
Incl S&H
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Kurobuta Pork is an internationally famous breed of pork from England (and later Japan) known for its intense marbling and tenderness. Also known as Berkshire Pork, its texture is supple and juicy. Its flavor has richness and depth.

12oz bone-in Kurobuta loin chops are the perfect way to pamper your favorite pork lover. Not only does Kurobuta pork’s flavor far outstrip conventional pork, but these large meaty chops command the plate. No one will complain about portion sizes when these hit the table!


Store these chops in your freezer until you're ready to use them. For thawing tips, please read Safely Defrosting Frozen Food for Maximum Flavor.


These chops are great for grilling, broiling, or even pan frying. While Kurobuta pork can be used for just about any dish calling for normal pork, seasoning simply will allow the flavor of the meat to come through. One doesn’t need heavy sauces to make this pork tasty!

Recommended Internal Cooking Temp: 150°