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Yuzu Juice

1 - 6 bottles (12 oz each)

Starting at $27

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12fl oz/375 ml per bottle, by the bottle or by the six-bottle case.


Niban Shibori (2nd Pressing)
All Natural*
Not from Concentrate


Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan


100% Yuzu Juice

Yuzu juice has an extremely complex, slightly flowery flavor that is difficult to describe but is something like a blend of orange/tangerine, lemon and grapefruit. It is slightly less acidic than lemon juice and sudachi juice but considerably more acidic than kabosu juice.

Yuzu juice is very fragrant and quite strong.  It is used similarly to lemon juice in traditional Japanese sauces (like ponzu) as well as desserts, cocktails, and beverages. “Niban shibori” yuzu juice is from the second pressing of the fruit.  This makes it less intense, more affordable, and more approachable than the first pressing.  It is an excellent choice for home chefs.

This juice is unfiltered, but pasteurized to make it shelf stable before opening.

We also offer fresh yuzu fruit when it's in season.

*No Chemical Ingredients.

Storage: Store unopened yuzu juice in a cool, dark cupboard. After opening, the bottle should be kept in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life: Up to one year unopened, four months opened.

Yuzu juice is very strong and acidic, so a little goes a long way. In Japan it is often used as an ingredient in Yuzu ponzu, a savory-sweet-citrusy condiment (yuzu ponzu recipe).

Yuzu juice can be used similarly to or as a substitute for lemon juice (with the quantity balanced to taste) in most recipes. Try adding it to ice creams, sorbets, tea (hot or iced), gin or vodka cocktails, ceviche, sauces, vinaigrettes (try a 5 to 1 olive oil to yuzu juice ratio), other salad dressings, pound cakes & other baked goods.  Alternatively, you can simply mix some with honey and water (either hot or cold) for a delicious lemonade-like beverage.

Flavors that work well with Yuzu juice include matsutake mushrooms, sushi/sashimi (particularly tuna and scallops), tofu, honey, miso paste, soy sauces (tamari soy sauce or white soy sauce) & mangoes.

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