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Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

2.5 - 10 lbs

Starting At $39

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Choose 2.5lb jar or 10lb bag.


No Preservatives or Anti-Caking Agents




Natural pacific sea salt, premium activated charcoal, ocean electrolytes, trace minerals and elements.

Black Hawaiian sea salt is a beautiful obsidian black color that really stands out on the plate. Pacific sea salt is bonded with activated charcoal and minerals to achieve its characteristic color and slightly-earthy salt flavor. This Hawaiian black salt is also very coarse, and its large crystals further help to accentuate its visual appeal while providing a pleasant crunch when consumed.

Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt and Hawaiian Red Sea Salt are also available.

Storage: Store Hawaiian black sea salt in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life: Indefinite.

Hawaiian black sea salt is treasured by professional chefs as a presentation-boosting finishing salt. Though it can be used on any dish, it excels on seafood, game birds, poultry, salads, and other lighter-colored foods where it can provide visual contrast. If added during the cooking process, especially when using wet cooking methods, it will dissolve like normal salt. If desired, this salt can also be ground to a finer consistency using a salt mill or grinder.

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Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt
2.5 - 10 lbs
Starting At$39
Includes Ground Shipping

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt
2.5 - 10 lbs
Starting At$39
Includes Ground Shipping

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