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Guinea fowl (aka Guinea Hens, pintade, faraona, African pheasant) are originally from Africa, but have become a popular roasting bird in France & Italy. Their slightly red meat is lean with an exciting flavor that is stronger than chicken.  They have a meat to bone ratio that is approximately 50/50 (higher than many other poultry varieties) and less tendons in their legs than pheasants (making them easier to prepare.

These guinea fowl are sold with the head and feet on for more impressive presentations.  They have also been air chilled, a method that better preserves the bird’s flavor, lets the meat absorb marinades better, doesn’t add water weight, and is more environmentally friendly (produces less contaminated water) than water chilling.

Each whole guinea hen will provide about two servings.



Store guinea fowl in your refrigerator until you’re ready to use them or freeze for longer term storage.

Shelf Life:

Up to 11 days fresh. Freeze for longer storage.


Guinea fowl can be braised, roasted or cut up into legs, thighs & breasts as you would other poultry.  Head-on guinea fowl is traditionally roasted for best presentation.  The feet are often removed prior to roasting and reserved for making stocks or soup bases.

Because guinea hen meat is so lean, it is often barded (wrapped with bacon or pancetta) brined, buttered (under the skin), or marinated before cooking or basted while cooking to help keep it moist.

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