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Premium Pantry Samplers

3 - 7 items

Starting At $69

  • Includes Ground Shipping
    • All perishable products (such as meat or seafood) are sent with gel packs via
      either Fedex Priority or Fedex Standard overnight. Almost all non-perishable
      items (such as dried mushrooms or dried peppers) are sent via FedEx Ground
      or UPS Ground, which takes 2-7 business days for delivery. A few items
      are shipped via regular mail. The shipping method for each item is noted on
      each item page.

      Items that ship via Ground can be upgraded to overnight shipping (for a fee)
      by contacting us immediately after placing your order.


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Features: Individually Wrapped
Origin: Varies (see product links below)

The perfect gift for the foodie in your life, each of these samplers offers a variety of premium-quality ingredients. Not only have we selected several of the best pantry items on the store for you, but as a sampler they’re available at a significant discount!

Don't worry if there are items in the sampler you've never used before...we're including usage and recipe tips in every box!

There are two samplers to choose from:

7-Item Pantry Sampler:  Best Value!

Selezione All Natural White Truffle Oil – 2.11oz bottle  
Wild Fennel Pollen – 1oz tin
Oro Nero Aged Balsamic Vinegar – 3.4oz bottle
Saffron Threads (Sargol Grade) – 1 gram
Bourbon Vanilla Beans – 1/4lb bag
Dried Aji Panca Chilies – 4oz bag
Dried Porcini Mushrooms – 2oz bag

3-Item Pantry Sampler:
Selezione All Natural White Truffle Oil – 2.11oz bottle 
Wild Fennel Pollen – 1oz tin
Oro Nero Aged Balsamic Vinegar – 3.4oz bottle 
About the Sampler Products:

All Natural White Truffle Oil – Olive oil infused with all natural white truffle essence.  Great drizzled onto finished dishes featuring potatoes, eggs, cheese, risotto or pasta. Read more about Selezione White Truffle Oil
Fennel Pollen – The most potent form of fennel. Wild-harvested and best sprinkled on finished dishes…particularly delicious on steaks! Read more about Fennel Pollen
Aged Balsamic Vinegar – Traditionally made in Italy, aged an average of 6-8 years. Offers a rich, full flavor with a hint of acid. Read more about Oro Nero Vinegar.
Saffron Threads – Top quality Sargol grade saffron.  Steep it in hot, acidic, or alcoholic liquid prior to adding to recipes for a rich earthy/bittersweet flavor & yellow color. Read more about Sargol grade saffron
Bourbon Vanilla Beans – The pastry chef’s vanilla of choice, these beans are more moist & flavorful than those found in most grocery stores. Read more about Bourbon Vanilla Beans
Aji Panca Chilies – Full bodied, fruity dried chilies with mild heat (500-1,000 scoville rating). Can be used in savory or sweet dishes. Read more about Aji Pancas.
Dried Porcini Mushrooms – Earthy & rich, these porcinis have all been hand-foraged in the Pacific Northwest. Read more about Dried Porcinis
Note: Unfortunately, we are not able to gift wrap samplers at this time.

All of these products can be stored in a cool, dry cupboard for over a year. 

Once the vacuum seal on the mega sampler's vanilla beans has been broken, they should be kept in their resealable bag completely covered with granulated sugar (this protects them from air contact while infusing the sugar with vanilla aroma). Read How to Store Vanilla Beans for more info.

Usage tips are included with each sampler, follow links on the "Product Info" tab for basic usage information for each product online.

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Fennel Pollen Recipes
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Vinegar Recipes
Saffron Recipes
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