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Garofalo Pappardelle Nido Pasta

12 lbs total (in 1 lb bags)


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Size: Twelve 1lb bags (12lbs total).
Origin: Italy
Ingredients: Semolina flour, water

These beautiful coils of pappardelle pasta (“Pappardelle Nido” in Italian) unravel when cooked into long fettuccine-style strands of wide pasta with fluted edges that carry cream sauces exceptionally well.

Each piece of pappardelle (unfurled) measures approximately 1.1mm thick and 16mm wide.  The length of each strand varies.

Garofalo has been manufacturing some of Italy’s finest dried pastas for over 200 years using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. Though not a small artisanal producer anymore, they have stayed close to their roots as they've grown, and now produce pasta approaching artisanal quality at prices only attainable through large production. Many of these traditional Neapolitan-style pastas are unusual varieties in the US, bringing new textures and shapes to your plate.

As part of their dedication to producing high quality pasta, Garofalo uses traditional bronze dies to extrude most of these pasta varieties. Bronze dies give the pasta tiny grooves, providing texture and a more beautiful appearance, but most importantly causing sauces to adhere to the pasta much better. Because bronze dies are expensive to produce and wear out quickly compared to other materials, many other pasta producers have switched to far more durable steel dies.

In addition, Garofalo uses very high quality semolina flour and dries each pasta shape differently, using temperatures and drying times that are ideal for perfectly preserving that shape’s texture, flavor, and appearance.

Store bulk pappardelle coils in a sealed container or bag in a cool, dry place.

Pappardelle is an excellent choice for cream sauces.

To prevent the pot boiling over or pieces of pasta sticking to each other, use plenty of well salted water (four quarts of water per pound of pasta). Do not add oil to the water.

Garofalo recommends cooking their pappardelle nido for 8 minutes, so you should taste around that time to decide when it's cooked to your preference. Traditionally, the ideal texture for pasta is “al dente” (to the tooth) which means the pasta should have a slight chew or bite to it…neither limp nor crunchy.

Sauces will cling to your pasta better if you do not rinse it prior to serving. However, if you’re planning on using this pasta in pasta salad, we recommend using cold water or an ice water bath to rapidly cool it and prevent it continuing to cook.

Check out our pasta recipe collection for sauce & entrée ideas.

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