Frog Legs

approx. 5 lbs total
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Frog meat’s flavor is delicate and lightly sweet…somewhat similar to that of poussin.  These frog legs have been harvested from wild-caught frogs, and as such have a stronger flavor than farmed frogs’ legs.  Frog meat is extremely lean, making it a very healthy (if unusual) choice of proteins.

Though they’re most often associated with French cuisine in the US, frog legs are also considered a delicacy in Chinese, German, Cajun, and Italian cuisine.


Storage: Store frog legs in your freezer until you're ready to use them, then thaw only as many as you need.

For thawing tips, please read Safely Defrosting Frozen Food for Maximum Flavor.

Shelf Life: Once thawed, raw frog legs will keep in your refrigerator for up to two days.


Prepping Frogs’ Legs

Some chefs and frog leg fans prefer to do a little extra prep work on their legs prior to cooking. Two methods are popular:

1) In the French tradition they are often skewered and soaked in cold water in the refrigerator for twelve hours (changing the water every four hours or so), until they puff up slightly and turn lighter in color.

2) A faster method involves scalding the legs in salted, boiling water for about three minutes. The water is usually acidified with lemon juice (about ¼ cup acid to 8 parts water).

Once the Legs are Prepped: Dry them off and proceed to pan fry, bread and deep fry, butter sauté, grill, bake or add them to soups and stews.

Because frog legs are so lean, they cook very quickly and can be easy to overcook (which makes them tough). If you have difficulty cooking the thicker upper leg meat without overcooking the bottom, consider cutting each leg into two parts and cooking the two halves separately.

Frog legs pair extremely well with butter, lemon, white wine, parsley and garlic. Other complimentary flavors include paprika, wild mushrooms, tomatoes, cayenne pepper, shallots, thyme, and chile peppers. Try making your own flavored butter (aka compound butter) with herbs, garlic, and or spices to sauté your frog legs in – compound butter recipe. They can also be marinated before cooking for extra flavor

The traditional serving size for medium-large frogs’ legs (such as these) is about three pairs per person.