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Wild Rice

10 lbs

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Size: 10lb bag. Choose whole or broken.
Features:Wild Harvested
Not actually a rice, but rather the seed of an aquatic grass (zizania aquatica), wild rice was once a staple food for the native peoples of the upper American Midwest. It is highly nutritious (including, like Amaranth, the essential amino acid lysine) and has a nutty flavor and a firm, chewy texture.

While "wild rice" is the name of the food, this wild rice is also actually harvested in the wild.

Both whole (less than 5% broken) and broken wild rice are available.  Broken wild rice offers the same great flavor and texture, but because the outer hulls are not intact, it often cooks faster than whole wild rice.

Store wild rice in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.

To cook wild rice, first rinse it and then simmer (covered) in three cups of water for every one cup of rice. After 15-20 minutes the rice will burst, indicating it is done. One cup of dry wild rice yields 3 ½ to 4 cups of cooked wild rice.

Wild rice pairs exceptionally well with lemon, game meats, fresh tarragon, walnuts, game birds, fish, white wine and wild mushrooms. It can be mixed with white rice and finely diced vegetables (carrots, celery and onions) to make a nice pilaf with varying textures and flavors.

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