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Madagascar Vanilla Paste

1 - 2 quarts

Starting At $47

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Choose one 1 quart bottle or two 1 quart bottles.


Certified Kosher
All Natural (No Chemical Ingredients)


San Francisco or New Jersey


Vanilla bean, vanilla seeds, vanilla extract, corn syrup.

As tasty as extracts are, they don’t give vanilla flavored foods (especially ice cream and frostings) the same flecked appearance that vanilla beans do.  If you want that iconic look that signals real vanilla, but don’t want to split and scrape beans every time you cook, vanilla paste is the answer. 

Each bottle of vanilla paste contains a multitude of minute vanilla seeds ready to be stirred into any recipe.  It will impart the same amount of flavor as Madagascar vanilla extract and possibly even more vanilla aroma.

Vanilla paste also has a thicker consistency than extracts, allowing you to add vanilla’s hauntingly delicious flavor to recipes where added liquid or alcohol is undesirable because it will thin the consistency or interfere with other ingredients.

Bulk bourbon vanilla beans, Tahitian vanilla beans, natural non-alcoholic vanilla flavoring and Tahitian vanilla extract are also available.

Store Madagascar vanilla paste in a cool, dry place (typically a cupboard).

Stir vanilla paste into recipes as you would vanilla extract or the scraped inner pulp of whole vanilla beans.

Vanilla isn’t just used to give dishes a strong vanilla taste, in small amounts it enhances and accentuates other flavors.  A little bit of vanilla is welcome in many sweet recipes, and even some savory ones.

Pair vanilla with ingredients like: sugar, dairy (cream, milk, butter, mascarpone, ricotta, cream cheese, yogurt), caramel, fruit (especially apples, pears and berries), eggs (especially in custards like crème brulee, flan, pastry crème, crème anglaise and pot au crème), chocolate, or other spices like saffron, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom

Vanilla’s a very welcome addition to many beverages, especially tea, hot chocolate, homemade sodas, cocktails (usually in simple syrup) and coffee.

If you’re feeling daring, vanilla can also be used in savory dishes. Try it in sauces for veal, fish and lobster or mixed into potato, celery root or sunchoke soups & purees.

Vanilla Recipes & Techniques

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