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Fresh Squash Blossoms

50 pieces


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50 blossoms


Freshly Cut & Cleaned
Male Blossoms Only


California or Mexico, depending on season

Tender, fresh, and ephemeral, squash blossoms (aka squash flowers, zucchini blossoms) bring bright color to your dishes. Their natural flavor is very mild, and they have a feathery, crisp and juicy texture. Because they’re often stuffed, squash blossoms must be harvested from zucchini plants at night or in the very early morning so their buds are still closed.
To ensure optimum freshness, all our squash blossoms are picked the same day they ship to you.

Note About Squash Blossom Availability:

Squash blossoms must be picked at night or in the very early morning while they are still closed (and thus form a natural vessel).  They are extremely perishable as well as fragile, lasting only a few days off of the plant, and so must be handled very carefully and shipped the day they are picked.

Because of these factors, it is not only possible that the squash blossoms we receive for the day will be of inferior quality and we won’t be able to ship them, but also that we won’t know this until the shipping day you’ve selected.  It isn’t really the farmers’ or pickers’ fault – they’re just a very finicky crop and quality can fluctuate.  When ordering, please allow a window of a day or two after your preferred delivery date in case we have to hold your order until our usual top quality blossoms are available.

Storage: Wrap squash blossoms in paper towels & store them in a plastic container in your crisper.

Shelf Life: Two days maximum.

The most common use for fresh squash blossoms is coating them with tempura batter or seasoned breadcrumbs and then deep or pan frying them.

These squash blossom fritters are often carefully stuffed with a sweet or savory creamy filling, usually with a cheese base (goat cheese, ricotta or mozzarella), although you could also use forcemeat mousse (ground meat, poultry, or seafood blended with eggs and/or cream using a mixer or food processor until very smooth in texture).
They can also be sautéed in olive oil or butter and tossed with pasta or risotto, baked, added to soups or quesadillas, or used raw as a garnish or colorful salad ingredient.
Squash blossoms pair particularly well with goat cheese, garlic, and wild mushrooms. Some chefs feel that the stamens and other protruding inner parts of blossoms should be removed prior to consumption to prevent bitterness.

How to Stuff Squash Blossoms
Squash Blossom Recipes

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