Valbreso Feta Cheese

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This 100% sheep’s milk feta is actually made from milk used in the production of Roquefort, the famous French blue cheese. Feta is a white, moist, crumbly cheese with a creamy, salty flavor often associated with Greece and Greek food. French feta cheese tends to be milder than its Greek counterparts.


Feta should be stored in the refrigerator in an air-tight container covered with its brine for the longest shelf life.


Should the feta be too salty out of the package, wash off some of the surface brine with cold water. Feta is extremely popular as a salad topping, and often paired with Greek olives.

Feta softens, but does not melt when cooked. It is delicious hot (broiled or grilled), especially drizzled with a fruity extra-virgin olive oil. It can also be made into phyllo dough enclosed spanakopita.

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