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All Natural Rendered Duck Fat

2.6 lbs (in 7 oz packs)


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Six 7oz packs (Approx. 2.5lbs total).


All Natural*
No Preservatives
From Antibiotic/Hormone Free Ducks Fed Natural, Non-GMO Feed




Duck Fat, Salt, Pepper.

Duck fat is one of the most flavorful cooking fats available.  Ducks carry a thick layer of fat between their skin and meat that gives them both warmth and buoyancy in the water.  When ducks are cooked that fat renders into a liquid form and can be saved for later use.

Though it arrives solidified in its packs, duck fat will melt quickly when introduced to heat.  At this point it can be used as you would any cooking fat; oil, bacon fat, lard, etc (even when deep frying!) or to make homemade duck confit.
*Minimally Processed. No Artificial Ingredients

Storage: Store duck fat packs in your freezer for long term storage, then move them to the refrigerator as needed.

Thawing Tips

Shelf Life: Up to 36 weeks frozen, up to 12 weeks refrigerated.

Sauté waxy heirloom potatoes with fresh herbs in duck fat for a truly luxurious side dish. Other vegetables or larger potatoes can be sautéed in this fashion and then moved to a hot oven to roast through. Use duck fat to create your own duck confit, or to confit other items.
If deep frying, take care not to take duck fat above 375 degrees, its smoke point.

Duck Fat Recipes

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