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Meyer Lemons

approx. 10 lbs total


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Size: Approximately 10lbs. 6-8 pieces per pound (each piece is about the size of a standard lemon).
Season: November-April
Origin: USA
Originally from China, Meyer lemons are a unique hybrid lemon variety created by crossing conventional lemons with tangerines. They have a rounder shape than most lemons, and bright yellow inner flesh.
Their flavor is lemony, but significantly less acidic than other lemons, making them a great choice for when you want lemon flavor without as much of the burn.

Storage: Store fresh Meyer lemons in a plastic bag in your fridge.

For longer-term storage, we recommend preserving Meyer lemons in a brine (how to preserve lemons). Preserved lemons can be used in preserved lemon vinaigrette, a variety of sauces, and Middle Eastern dishes.

Shelf Life: Up to a week.

Meyer lemons can be used as you would conventional lemons in any dish. The lower acidity level of their flesh & juice works well in desserts, but they can also be used in vinaigrettes (how to make a vinaigrette), cocktails & beverages, marinades, and other applications. Their zest can also be candied (how to candy citrus zest).

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approx. 10 lbs total
Out of Season 
Includes Fedex Overnight Shipping

approx. 10 lbs total
Out of Stock 
Includes Fedex Overnight Shipping

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