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Crayfish Tail Meat

approx. 10 lbs total (800 - 1000 tails)


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Approx. 10lb/box in 1lb, 80-100 tail packs


Peeled (Shell Off)



Crayfish (aka crawfish, mudbugs, crawdads) are a small crustacean, the freshwater relative of the lobster.  They are beloved in Louisiana (used in both Creole and Cajun food) and some parts of Europe as well as in Australia and Scandinavia. 

The meat of the crawfish is found in its tail, similar to a lobster, with a lobster-esque fluffy texture and sweet flavor. Though some cultures like to extract the flavorful fat from crawfish heads or use the shells for fish stock, the tail meat is the main event.

Store crayfish tails in your freezer until you’re ready to use them, then thaw them in your refrigerator the night before you’re planning on using them.

Thaw frozen crayfish tails in your refrigerator overnight before cooking them.

Classic dishes featuring crayfish meat include etouffe, jambalaya, bisque and gratin.  Less common but very tasty applications include soufflés, savory pies & turnovers, and mousses. 

Of course, your crawfish dish need not be so complex.  They’re tasty turned into a sauce with other ingredients and served over pasta, grilled and tossed in salads, or with mayonnaise or aioli on the side (how to make mayonnaise/aioli at home). 

Flavored butters (aka compound butters) made with herbs, citrus zest, garlic or spices can be used to add richness and flavor to crayfish tails during cooking or at the table (how to make flavored butters).

Ingredients that pair well with crayfish tails include garlic, pasta, rice, chives, tomatoes, morel mushrooms, tarragon, bell peppers, squab, cayenne pepper, brandy, shrimp, white wine, vinegar, bacon, butter, parsley, alligator meat, mustard, and seafood boil seasoning.

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