Chimay a la Biere Cheese

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Most people who have heard of the Belgian region of Chimay know it for its famous trappist beer, produced at Scourmont Abbey since 1862. However, the monks of Scourmont have also been producing cheeses, and for almost as long (since 1876).

Chimay a la Biere translates to “Chimay with Beer” and that is exactly what this cheese is. This semi-hard mild cow’s milk cheese is produced from regional cows (some of which are fed leavings from the very brewery that makes Chimay beer) and its rind is bathed with Chimay beer in order to impart the beverage’s aroma and flavor (distinctly hoppy) to the cheese.


Wrap Chimay cheese in plastic wrap and store it in your fridge.


Chimay a la Biere cheese is a great way to add variety to your next high class cheese plate. It is recommended that you remove this cheese from the fridge and let it rest at room temperature for an hour before serving for full flavor. It, like Gruyere Cheese, will make a truly special fondue.

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