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Black Beluga Lentils

2 - 10 lbs

Starting At $27

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Size: Choose 2lb jar or 10lb bag.

Strikingly black in color, the black beluga lentil gets its name from its visual similarity to beluga caviar when cooked.

The lentil, the dried seed of a small shrub, is an ancient staple in southern Asia that has been consumed for over 8,000 years. Besides possessing a mild earthy flavor of their own, lentils take on flavors well and have extremely high levels of protein (26%) and iron. When mixed with grains (traditionally rice) on the same plate, the resulting meal provides complete plant-based protein.

Lentils should be stored in a cool, dry place until needed.

As a group, lentils pair well with garlic, onions, vinegar (sherry or wine), mint, olive oil, citrus, and sausages. Beluga lentils are perfect for side dishes and whole-lentil soups as they maintain their texture and shape well.

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