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Bison (Buffalo) Tenderloin Steaks

20 steaks (10 lbs total)
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Bison filet mignons can be used in any recipe calling for beef filet steaks, but it is important to remember that they will likely cook faster due to their lower fat content.

While tenderloin bison steaks are tremendously tender, they’re also less marbled. Pump up the flavor of your steaks with pan-sauces like a shallot red-wine reduction, or rub on herbs and spices before cooking for a savory crust. Bison pairs well with rich, rustic flavors like chile peppers, beer, cumin, red wine, rosemary, and sage.

In general, bison meat can be cooked as you would similar cuts of beef and substituted in beef recipes. The only important consideration is to take its faster cooking rate into account so it doesn’t overcook and dry out. Because bison is much higher in protein and also a little denser in texture, you’re likely to get full with smaller portions.

Like all meats, it is important to rest bison (covered) after cooking but before slicing in order to allow the meat’s juices to redistribute. The larger the cut, the longer it needs to rest, with small cuts resting for 5-10 minutes and larger cuts resting 15 minutes or longer. While resting, the meat will continue to cook slightly, so for best results remove it from the heat while it’s still a little below your preferred doneness.

How to Tell Steak Doneness By Feel

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Recommended Cooking Temps:

Rare - 135°

Medium Rare - 140°-150°

Medium - 140°-145°

Medium Well - 160°

Well Done - 165° and above