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Baby Coconuts

approx. 2.25 lbs total (in 3 oz bags)

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Size: Twelve 3oz bags (approx. 2.25lbs total).
Season: July - September
Delivery Limitations: Cannot be shipped to Hawaii.

“Baby coconuts” (aka coquito nuts, mini coconuts, coker nuts, pygmy coconuts, monkey’s coconuts) aren’t actually coconuts at all, but the fruit of an entirely different variety of palm tree from Chile. Despite this fact, they look, inside and out, almost exactly like brown-husked coconuts shrunk down to 1” in diameter. They even have a similar flavor.

Completely edible, raw or cooked, with a crunchy texture, coquitos are an exciting garnish, ingredient, or snack. Your friends and family won’t believe their eyes!

Storage: Store baby coconuts in a cool, dry cupboard. For very long term storage they can be frozen.

In the event that your coquitos become dried out and tough, try boiling them for about ten minutes to soften.

Shelf Life: Up to three months at room temperature, significantly longer when frozen.

Mini coconuts can be served whole, chopped, ground or shredded. Try them in soups, stews, salads, jellies/jams, or baked goods, candied, as a dessert topping, or as the perfect garnish for pina coladas.

Though the skins are perfectly edible, they can be fibrous, so for some applications you may want to remove them.

Try pairing baby coconuts with coconut-friendly flavors like tropical fruit (especially papayas) and vegetables like bell peppers, scallions, and spicy chilies.

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