Alligator Tenderloin Tail Meat

about 40 lbs total
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The tenderloin is the most tender of the alligator cuts and has a delicate flavor. The tenderloin runs next to the tailbone and spinal column of the gator.

Alligator tastes like a cross between frog legs and turtle meat and its texture is veal-esque. Alligator meat is white and flaky, and extremely low in cholesterol and high in iron levels.


Keep alligator tenderloin meat frozen until you're ready to use it.

Thawing Tips


Alligator is best cooked either very quickly (fried or seared) or very slowly on low heat (stewing or braising). Many people recommend marinating alligator meat to introduce extra flavor. Whether marinating or not, be sure to pat the meat dry prior to cooking it for a better sear.

Alligator can also be tenderized, fried & served with a savory sauce. It is also delicious in stews & gumbos.

Alligator Recipes