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July 2012
Big deal chefs and ambitious home cooks rely on online grocer Justin Marx.

- Kristin Donnelly

November 2012
The sources I generally rely upon for dried mushrooms are ...

- Mark Bittman

April 2013
Meet Your New Flavor Source

- Rebekah Denn

December 2014
Marx specializes in offering premium food stuffs to please the most discerning or adventurous palate.

- Lori Stacy

January 2013
An emporium of exotic and rare salts, sauces, sweets, and meats.

- Allecia Vermillion

November 2008
Stumped where to find pheasant, fennel pollen, rabbit meat or frog legs? Here’s your spot.

- Karen Gaudette

December 2011

Named as one of Kristin Donnelly’s 5 Best Food & Drink
Finds of the Year in 2011.


"Marx Foods Debuts Retail Store! Plus: Justin Marx Shares His Fave Food Finds"

- Seattle Magazine
"Marx Foods: Shop like a chef"

- Thrillist
"Lower Queen Anne's Marx Foods, where chefs and serious home cooks go to find the most cutting-edge and delicious foodstuffs on the market."

- Seattle Weekly
"Think You’ve Tasted Everything? Seattle’s Own Marx Foods Will Take That Challenge!"

- Podcast from Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair
"Food Finder: Meet a rising star who travels the world to bring specialty food products to increasingly adventurous eaters."

- Celebrated Living
Justin Marx listed on Annual Food Establishment List: The National Impact Edition;

- Seattle Magazine
"A Manifesto for Serious Seattle Cooks"

- Eater Seattle
"Online Retailer Marx Foods Goes Brick-and-Mortar"

- Specialty Food
"Chefs find food mecca in new Seattle specialty store"

"Marx Foods unleashes kangaroo meat on Queen Anne"

- Crosscut