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Moral Support & Mascot Duties
Bison Burgers
We miss our pack. Once we started keeping stock in
our office, the food regulators wouldn't let us also
have dogs here. Now we just get to chill with them at
home... but we'll never forget the five years that
they made our office amazing.


(pron. Gnocchi)

Pack CEO

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with charm to burn, Nyoki is the office greeter and Marx Foods mascot. He loves playing with children and attends each and every photo shoot on floor-cleaning duty.

Favorite Foods: Raw Bison and Kangaroo Meat

Fun Fact: Spins like a dervish when he wants you to do something for him.

Favorite Pastime: Lives for Fetch. Anytime, anywhere, anything, with any one. The way to this dog's heart is to throw something so he can bring it back to you.

Collection: All the other dogs' bones (when they aren't looking).

Other Activities:Sailing on Lake Washington (he brings Justin Marx along to man the tiller in case things get rough).

Favorite Look: "We both know you're going to do what I want, I just have to keep spinning until you do."


Resident Bull-in-China-Shop

Mostly Black Lab with just enough Great Dane to make her huge, Denali's the office gentle giant. She's just about grown out of her puppy phase, but is still very easily bored at work. Her favorite activities are using Nyoki for a chew toy and checking to see who's at the door…whether there's somebody there or not.

Favorite Foods: Sucking on Nyoki's ears for any bison juice they might have picked up in his food bowl.

Fun Fact: Was taught to growl by Katy's cat, Kona.

Best Outfit: Dressed up as a cow for Halloween, complete with udders. Katy was her milk maid.

Cooking Disaster: Figured out she was tall enough to reach the counter in Katy's kitchen, and helped herself to some fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

Favorite Look: "What do you mean we're here for another six hours? I wanna' go to the park!"


Office Skeptic/Cuddler

Prior to taking his position at Marx Foods, Buddy (aka Champion Wagsmore's Beeline ML) was a pro on the west coast dog show circuit for almost four years. He brings valuable prancing and posing experience to the team.

This miniature long-haired dachshund may look all business, but he's really just waiting for you to sit down so he can demand to be in your lap.

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter

Fun Fact: Likes to sleep upside down.

Best Place to Be (other than under the dinner table):Matthew's lap.

One thing he wishes he could like, but just doesn't: Being short.

Favorite Look: "Are you sure you should be doing what you're doing?"